ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams Now 30 Days Free of Charge to Support Work from Home in the COVID-19 Crisis

ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams Now 30 Days Free of Charge to Support Work from Home in the COVID-19 Crisis

ASC´s native app for compliance recording & analytics for Microsoft Teams helps customers to cope with the crisis

Hösbach, June 08, 2020 – ASC Technologies AG is working with Microsoft to offer ASC Recording Insights, their Compliance Recording solution for Microsoft Teams, with full functionality free of charge for the first month. This offer is in recognition of the solution’s impact to help customers deal with the COVID crisis.

ASC Recording Insights enables working from home for all Microsoft Teams users with compliance requirements
As businesses around the world prioritize remote work for the safety and well-being of their employees, ASC is working with Microsoft to offer ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Azure. Teams is playing an increasingly critical role in helping businesses stay connected through video meetings, calls, and chats. But companies in regulated industries are required to maintain certain protocols, irrespective of whether working from home or in the office; including automatically recording all communications by regulated employees. With the native app ASC Recording Insights, companies can do just that, for all internal and external communication, while also being able to archive and analyze.

“We are very excited to be chosen to partner with Microsoft to offer our ASC Recording Insights to customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The collaboration is a great recognition of our solution’s impact to enable customers from regulated industries to record all communication via Microsoft Teams in a compliant manner”, states Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of ASC Technologies AG. 

In order to help their customers in this difficult and challenging situation, ASC offers free use of their solution for 30 days. All organizations with a legal obligation to record and archive their communication will benefit from an easy to deploy and easy to use solution with highest security standards.

About ASC Recording Insights
ASC Recording Insights is an app for compliance recording and analytics integrated in Microsoft Teams. It captures and stores all communication via Teams in Microsoft Azure, allowing you to comply with legal requirements in different sectors. Analysis functionalities help evaluate all recorded data. Communication content can be translated, transcribed, categorized, extracted, tagged without human involvement.

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