ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams takes corporate communication to the next level – the collaboration tool boosts efficient cooperation by bringing employees together in dedicated teams. With Teams, Microsoft strives to replace Skype for Business in the long run and thus has included popular functionalities such as group chats, online meetings, and video conferences, too, of course.

ASC Recording Insights allows Microsoft Teams users to manage complex regulatory requirements for recording and archiving ‘with a click’ within Teams.

Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft has selected ASC as a key, strategic partner for compliance recording for Microsoft Teams. Mutual customers such as financial institutions will benefit from this collaboration as they now have a turnkey option for compliance-grade recording when making the decision to adopt Microsoft Teams.

Our new cloud service “ASC Recording Insights” offers users a compliant recording and analytics solution for their entire communications within Teams – including chat, phone calls, and video conferences. No separate, external recording system required. This integrated application captures and stores your communications in the cloud, allowing you to meet regulations like MiFID II or Dodd-Frank.

”ASC Recording Insights” is available in the Teams Store. Customers can select in which geographical region they want to save their data in Azure - and thus comply with applicable security standards. Nonetheless, an ASC app is already available in Teams offering users analytics tools to evaluate previously recorded audio and video data.

ASC additionally harnesses Microsoft’s powerful Cognitive Services to further analyze communications using automatic transcription, topic extraction, and emotion detection.

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